McGregor Wealth Management has partnered with some of the United States largest, independently owned brokerage insurance agencies.  These agencies specialize in unbiased and objective analysis of our clients’ Life Insurance, Annuity, LTC, DI and Advanced Market needs. Through partnerships with more than 80 insurance carriers, ASH Brokerage provides McGregor a wealth of knowledge and support that helps us provide better education and research to our clients.

An unbiased, detailed analysis of life insurance policies

More than 65 percent of ASH Brokerage audits reveal the potential for improvement:

  • Premium reductions
  • Increased death benefits
  • Extended coverage
  • Better policy guarantees

​Life insurance is the single largest unmanaged asset, and we believe one of the most valuable assets, a person can own. Indivuduals may not realize their needs have changed since a policy’s purchase. As an advisor, it’s critical to ensure insurance coverage and policy provisions have keep pace with the changes in your life.

​Performing an Audit demonstrates commitment to our clients by gaining a deeper understanding of their needs. We believe, consultative analysis brings clarity to your life insurance portfolio, providing opportunities to reaffirm, modify or adjust your life insurance portfolio.

A Life Insurance Audit will:

  • Review your current situation in attempt to fully understand needs
  • Clarify provisions and benefits of the existing policy
  • Determine if existing policy structure satisfies needs
  • Suggest appropriate funding adjustments, where applicable
  • Present alternatives to better meet needs:
    • Policies with secondary guarantees
    • Extended maturity options
    • Better loan provision
    • New riders available
    • Lower policy charges and rate improvements
    • Less expensive underwriting classes
    • Updated mortality projections